What is the difference between Trade Show, Conferences and Consumer Shows?

Singapore is a highly sought after place for businesses. She is one of the easiest place to run a business as the island city state offers state-of-the-art facilities and world class infrastructure. Foreign investors and businesses are comfortably well supported in all major aspects. She is also one of the fastest way to launch a business from here to other South East Asian (SEA) countries’ market, as Singapore is just at the doorstep of other SEA countries.

If you are new to doing businesses in Singapore especially marketing through trade shows, my current post and the following few more might be useful for you.

Trade shows are statistically proven by the US Media Press to be a No. 2 in ranking for marketing strategies. The top 6 leaders are ranked in order as such:

  1. Targetted Business Publication
  2. Tradeshow
  3. Sales personnel
  4. Convention
  5. Email marketing
  6. Business directory and pay-to-use-database

Now, the terms tradeshows, convention and consumer fairs have been interchangeably used very liberally by the laymen but what exactly are the differences between them? I will explained them in this post.

  • Trade Show
Singapore Trade show

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Trade shows are organised mainly for Business-to-Business (B2B) engagement. The targetted audience can be a mix of walk-in parties and pre-invited ones. The primary focus are on the exhibits while a portion of trade shows may include conventions. Participants are mainly big players from electronics, mechanical and OEM firms with developed manufacturing capabilities on their own. However, don’t be surprised when you come across trade shows which deal with animals such as special-breed cats and dogs.

  • Conferences
Singapore Conference

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Conferences are organised with the purpose for delivering a message, promote a cause or discussion on new technology, sometimes all 3 at one go. They can be highly informative and enriching as there will be transfer of knowledge. Government agencies, medical associations and technology companies are common participants of conferences.

  • Consumer shows
Singapore PC Show

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The main visitors for consumer shows or fair can be businesses or the general public. It is open for all to visit, and some organisers charged an admission fee to filter out potential buyers. It can be electronic goods, home items and many other more. One such popular consumer fair is the Canton Fair in Guang Zhou. We have plenty of gadget fairs in Singapore such as the IT Show, PC Show and Comex for instances.

More information about Singapore’s Trade shows can be found at this webpage : http://www.visitsingapore.com/mice/en/events-calendar.html