Ipmex Malaysia 2017

Ipmex 2017 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There are many amazing engineering feats in the world and nothing is more fascinating than using these products and seeing the results personally. The wonders of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering integrated have allowed the printing industry to achieve greater efficiency and productivity year by year. We will take a look at some of the available technology and products in this post.

A couple of weeks ago, the team from Pop Up Display managed to drop by Putra World Trade Centre at Kuala Lumpur for Ipmex Malaysia 2017.  The exhibition was held from 10-13 August 2017 and was an enormous show case of printing machineries, paper media and packaging techniques. Organised by Kaizer Exhibitions & Conferences Sdn Bhd, the exhibition has got sufficient traffic to be concluded as a success.

Impex 2017The gigantic exhibition hall.

Impex 2017Hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors

Impex 2017Passageway to the exhibition hall

Impex 2017Registration booth for all visitors.


This article will discussed and focused on some of the machineries that are found in Ipmex 2017, and also provide a glimpse of what machineries are involved to produce our fancy namecards, banners, posters and stickers.

Offset Press

RMGT 9 – http://graphco.com/product/rmgt9-series/

Upon entry to the first Hall, we were greeted by a immense series of gigantic offset printing machine. The first to caught our eyes was the RMGT 9 Series Colour Offset Press manufactured by Ryobi MHI, a japanese giant in the print industry. RMGT 9 was first launched in 2015. The full colour commercial press feautures a LED UV ink curing technology and can print up to 16,200 sheet per hour at a maximum size of 615 x 900 mm. This machine is marketed to maximise price competitiveness but only with really large volume of offset prints. Such machineries are used to produce your flyers, brochures and many other more applications with a wide range of paper media.

RMGT 9 RyobiRMGT 9

Ricoh Pro 8000 Series – http://rpp.ricoh-usa.com/products/production-printers/cutsheet/ricoh-pro-8210s-8220s-8210-8220

Next up lets take look at the black and white production printer by Ricoh. Their Pro800 Series is an afforable mass production printer that promises reliability, uptime and finishing. Stated to be able to print 120 pages per minute, the printer offers a diverse range of media and also provides quality and polished finishing. Ricoh Pro8000 Series’ technolgy includes a Vertical Cavity Emitting Laser Technology that can produce a image quality of 1200 x 4800 dpi. It is one of the more common production printers print shop use in smaller markets.

RICOH PRO8210SRicoh Pro 8000

Large Format Printers

As we move on to the second hall, a wider variety of machineries were presented to us. The most common of them all is the large/wide format printers. The machineries were orginated from diverse sources, from the very established brand like Hewlett Packard and Roland to the most price competitive China integrated brand. There were also aspiring companies which uses system integration to piece up a full inkjet printer and brand it on their own, i.e. integrating US or Japan made printheads to locally made printer chassis, just like how Proton integrated Mitsubishi engine to produce their cars. Large format printers are use commonly used to produce your posters, stickers and banners, and depending on the technology involved, they have the capacity to capture very high resolution.

Hewlett Packard (HP) Latex Printer

HP proclaims her Latex Printers as the world best selling sign and display printer which is odourless and environmental-friendly and indeed, many print shops in Singapore and Malaysia utilises them as well. In Ipmex 2017, we were greeted with a couple of HP Latex printers resellers and we will like to introduce the Latex 365 and Latex 1500 printer.

HP Latex 365 – http://www8.hp.com/sg/en/commercial-printers/latex-printers/365.html

  • Print up to 1.63m (64 inch) width
  • Water based HP Latex ink are odorless
  • 6 Colours with HP Latex Optimiser and at 1200 dpi
  • Roll weight up to 42 kg
  • Media thickness up to 0.5mm
  • High speed of 31 m2/ hr

HP Latex 365HP Latex 365

Avery StickerStickers printed by HP latex 365

HP Latex 1500 – http://www8.hp.com/sg/en/commercial-printers/latex-printers/1500.html

  • Superwide 3.2m (126 inch) width printer
  • Cost effective 5-litres ink catridges
  • Great colour consistency
  • Roll weight up to 160 kg or input a dull roll up of 2 x 70 kg
  • Media thickess up to 2mm with custom cariage height setting
  • Prints are dry and scratch resistant immediately after printing
  • Printing PVC banner at 74 m2/hr

HP Latex 1500HP Latex 1500

Both of HP products above are really wonderful pieces of engineering that offer immense print applications for print shops.

Another company worth taking is a look is Hapond, Malaysia’s large format inkjet printer assembly firm. Hapond offers several series of inkjet printers – outdoor solvent, indoor water based, Eco-Solvent and UV printers. Their machineries are integrated with high quality Ricoh, Epson and Konica print heads while some of the parts are fabricated in China and subsequently integrated to form a very price-competitive inkjet printer for the budget conscious. For those interested in their products, both Singapore and Malaysia have got authorised distributors to get in touch with.

Hapond Color Express 6S-E – http://www.hapond.com.my/products/COLOR-EXPRESS-6S-E/41

  • Print Head: Epson DX5
  • 2 Print Heads
  • Solvent based 4 Colours ink
  • Up to 22 m2/hr
  • Up to 720 x 2160 dpi
  • 8m (L) x 0.9m (W) x 1450m (H)
  • 8m of print width

Hapond PrinterHapond Colour Express 6S-E

There are many chinese based inkjet printer manufacturers and in recent years many took the plunge to broaden their presence overseas and one of the very successful one is Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology. Their product inclusive of freight charges can have a highly competitive starting price of USD8000! Founded in 2001, Zhenzhou New Century Digital Technology is highly active in participating exhibition worldwide and is well known for their Skycolor and Stormjet series.

Stormjet SJ7180TS – http://www.stormjet.net/products/eco-solvent-printer/sj-7160s-7180ts.html

  • Print Head: Epson DX5
  • 2 Print Heads
  • Solvent based 4 colours ink
  • Up to 34 m2/hr
  • Up to 740 x 1440 dpi
  • 8m of print width

Stormjet 7180-DX6Stormjet SJ7180TS

UV Flatbed Printer

For medium sized enterprises, you might want to consider investing in a UV flatbed to add to your arsenal of custom printing solutions. With more print heads and wider media width, the UV printer can accommodate a diverse and larger sized media such as a aluminium, foam board and acrylic. With the UV curing technology, you can expect a higher quality and much more durable print results.

Handtop UV HTL3200UV – http://www.handtopuv.com/

  • Print Head: Ricoh Gen5
  • Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Print speed: up to 60m2/hr
  • 4 colours ink
  • Gross weight: 2550 kg
  • UV Curing: LED

Handtop UV HTL3200UVHapond UV HTL3200UV

Kingt UV LE1610

At the same time, while print is print, lets not forget that lamination is also a crucial part to produce a professional finishing for your prints. While many chinese inkjet printers manufacturers offers Roll Laminators at a really low price, quality products coupled with good workmanship are also important to ensure a wrinkle-free and homogeneous lamination.

Cold LaminatorCold Roll Laminators

Dye Sublimation Printer

Roland being a very established brand worldwide also marks their presence in the region very well. Their products are distributed by various channels and are available for lease in certain regions. While we have taken a look on the inkjet printers that produce your posters and stickers, there are also enormous potential in which the textile and fabric printing industry can offer. So how can your logos and images be printed on your sportswear apparels, clothing and other fabric materials? It is through a transfer printing technology – dye sublimation.

Roland Textart XT-640 

Developed specifically for dye sublimation, we have spotted one of Roland popular fabric printer – Textart XT-640. This product was built for high volume dye-sublimation production at high speed with minimal attention from the operators. It represents new markets and opportunities in apparel, décor and product customisation.

  • Applications: customising polyester fabrics and apparel, t-shirts, fabric flags and banners
  • Print width of 64 inch
  • Maximum media thickness of 1.0 mm
  • Roll weight of 40 kg
  • 4 or 8 colours
  • 83m (L) x 0.83m (W) x 1.65 (H)

Roland TexartRoland Textart XT640

Pengda PD-585XD

Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamp has always been a very popular product for many decades as all enterprises need them for their daily documentations. Have you ever wondered what machineries is required for the production of your rubber stamps? It is very simple, let the following pictures do the talking.

A extremely brief concept of how rubber stamps designs are made:

  1. Production of a rubber stamp negative film with design imprinted.
  2. Covering it with a opposing film and rubber border, the liquid polymer is filed within the border.
  3. Using an air pump, the excessive air is bled out.
  4. After the bleeding, cover the base film on top of the polymer and subsequently a opposing film on top again.
  5. Begin the exposure process and cut out the required size.

In subsequent posting, we will try our best to create a video to provide readers with a clearer visualisation of the manufacturing process.

Rubber StampRubber Stamp ready made

Rubber Stamp Machine
Polymer Machine

Rubber Stamp FilmNegative Film

Rubber Stamp Film


Cutting & Finishing Machine

Have you ever wondered how are your business cards, 3D signages and images/texts engraving done? Traditionally, most of the finishings and manufacturing processes are done by hand. But such methods cannot keep up with the pace required for a large commercial volume. Here are some amazing cutting and bending machineries that can expedite the manufacturing processes:

Large amount of name cards are collected in large volume to be send for printing. and subsequently they are passed through a cutter to be produced in a uniformed size. At the same time,  if customers request for a rounded corner finishing, the cards can be rounded by an edging machine.

Business Card MachineBusiness Card Cutting Machine

Name Card Rounded EdgeBusiness Card Edging Machine

And how are your common Z fold brochures are folded? And why is a 3 folds brochures more expensive than a 2 folds ones? It is done by a automatic creasing machine and the more folds you have the more work the machine has got to perform. In Ipmex 2017, we have witnessed what the sniper series auto creaser can perform. Below is a picture of it:

Creasing MachineAutomatic Creaser

Often in the print industry, many print firms expanded to the signage industry as they deemed it to be a complementary services to their clients, especially new start-ups. In the exhibition, we have also caught up with several companies who are targeting firms looking to extend to signage industry by bringing in these machineries.

The co2 chinese made laser cutting machine. With the use of laser technology, this machine can perform engraving and cutting of a diverse range of media in a fast and quick manner. Whereas the letter bending machine, can allow 3d signages profile to be formed easily by the bending the metal strip commanded by a specially engineered software.

Laser CutterLaser Cutter

JWei Digital CutterFlatbed Cutter

Chanel Letter Bending3D Letter Bending Machine

The exhibition has been an wonderful and refreshing short trip for us. And we look forward to visiting more of such exhibitions in Thailand and China in the next year!


Fundamentals of Every Exhibitor

How to prepare your outdoor exhibition

Whether you are a multi-national company or a small and medium enterprise, at certain time, your company will most likely be participating in an exhibition show or trade show. In Singapore, every year, there are many exhibitions held in Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre or in Singapore Expo and Convention Centre. Some of these consumer trade shows or exhibitions in Singapore involve the sale of household appliances like televisions, refrigerators, handphones and furnitures. There are also food and travel fairs marketed by a diverse group of vendors.

Trade Shows

After spending weeks or even months of planning for the exhibition, preparing your business products, brochures and pamphlets, the next stage of the exhibition process is the preparation of an eye-catching backdrop and banner stand systems. Many exhibitors utilise the Pop Up Display Stand together with other basic banner stands. The main advantage of the Pop Up display is that it helps visitors to understand easily what are the products available in a simple and convenient manner. Exhibitors may also indicate special promotional items where visitors can get more value for their products. As there are many competitors in the exhibition centre, the competition is tough. In order to increase the sales of your products, it will be helpful if you have put up some large and eye catching display systems. In short, it will help the visitors find your products easily and also attract the visitors to your kiosks. You can expect more visitors attention, increased product enquiries and more sales in your products.

How to avoid common exhibition pitfalls

Participating an exhibition show can be a troublesome affair. However with proper planning and coordination, the journey to the exhibition show can be a smooth sailing one. Here are some common pitfalls and tips on how to avoid them.

i) Poor planning: The success of the exhibition show depend very much on planning. In every exhibition show, you have to plan your product layout and to present the stocks neatly at the kiosk. Once you have set the products layout right, you will be able to achieve your objectives easily. Going to the exhibition centre without proper planning is likely to cause some setbacks.

ii) Inexperience salesperson. The salesperson manning the kiosk is equally important. He must have good knowledge of the products and be able to explain to the visitor how to operate and use the products. This is because many potential customers may be too busy to read the lengthy product operation manual. If the salesperson is knowledgeable, he will be able to connect with the visitors and sell them the products successfully.

Advantages of the Pop Up Display Stand:

Listed below are some reasons why you might consider purchasing a Pop Up Display Stand for your exhibition booth:

1)  Pop Up Display Stands are light, versatile and easy to set up. It can be transferred from one location to another easily.

2) Pop Up Display Stands are ideal for displaying product’s informations – product brand, prices and many relevant information you required.

3) Special promotion items can also be displayed at the Pop Up Display Stand to capture visitors attention.

4) Pop Up Display Stands are affordable relative to iron and wooden customised backdrop. Reprint of graphics can also be done at a fraction of the original price.

There are many exhibitors in the exhibition centre and it is important to go further to make your exhibition booth stand out from the rest. To attract more visitors to your booth, it is required to add accessories to make an impact on the visitors who are spoilt for choices in a crowded exhibition centre. Adding a audio visual element like video is advisable. Using media on your kiosk creates an interactive environment, help to attract the visitors to you and thus connect the visitors to your products. One way to present the media to your kiosk is by using a mobile TV or a simple monitor stand. The two important things at your exhibition kiosk involve two main areas – attracting visitors to your booth and connecting with them once they are in. If you focus these two areas correctly, you can be rewarded with increased business sales.

Foldable Brochure Stand Singapore

A foldable brochure stand is essential to organise your brochures or literatures in a neat and professional manner for clients to pick up. Imagine having multiple brochure holders on the reception table, it will occupy a lot of precious space and invested time to reorganise them. It will save you much space and effort with a proper floor standing brochure stand. Some called it the literature rack or zig zag stand, but it all serve the same purpose.

Pop Up Display offers A3 and A4 size floor standing brochure stands for uses in exhibition booths, showrooms, lobbies and office areas. As compared to individual brochure holders, the floor brochure stand has 5-6 compartments, a height of 1.4m to 1.6m (depending on which models you are looking at) and once folded it can be compacted to an estimated height of 20 cm.

Brochure Stand height

For more information about our brochure stands, visit us at http://www.popupdisplay.com.sg/display-stand/