Adobe Photoshop vs Illustrator vs Indesign

Whether you are a new or seasoned designer, the software found within Adobe Creative Suites should be a staple tool for all creative professionals. From graphic design, logo creation, typography, video editing to vector arts – these powerful tools set the industry-standards in graphic applications.  This suites of software are a bunch of highly powerful apps which can allow you to perform wonderful creative applications – only if you use the right tool for the right project.

For this article, we will discuss on the 3 main softwares which are most commonly used – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign.Adobe


When should you use Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop – Raster Based

Users: Photo retoucher, photographers, Web/App designers, architects, interior designers, social media apps designers.

Uses: Artwork editing, Photos retouching, colours adjustment, image masking, digital painting, UX/UI design, animation and video editing, web banner designs.

Features: Adjustment layers, smart objects, smart filters, selection & layer masks, transformations, healing and cloning, 3D and video layers.

Avoid: Logo design, heavy typography, vector design, multi pages documents


When should you use Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator – Vector Based

Users: Logo designers, fashion designers, typography artists and illustrators.

Uses: Single page document layout, logo design, icon design, illustration, character design, UX/UI design, patter design and fashion design.

Features: Object-based editing, gradient mesh, isolation mode, recolour artwork and typesetting.

Avoid: Image editing, multi-pages documents and heavy photograph compositions.


When should you use Adobe InDesign?

Adobe InDesign – Publishing

Users: Graphic designers, editors, authors, exhibition designers and creative artists.

Uses: Brochure, flyer, leaflet, magazine, book, e-book, newspaper and newsletter.

Features: Master pages, advanced typesetters, text wrap, tables, tables of contents and data merge.

Avoid: Photo-based editing, illustration and image composition


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