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Why should you use a Pop Up Stand?

Every person desires to have some thing diverse and unusual to be accomplished to promote the merchandise and companies in the market place, as there is enormous competitiveness these times. Exhibitions and trade displays have turned into an clear choice for displays but a whole lot of them do not work so well to be […]

Adobe Photoshop vs Illustrator vs Indesign

Whether you are a new or seasoned designer, the software found within Adobe Creative Suites should be a staple tool for all creative professionals. From graphic design, logo creation, typography, video editing to vector arts – these powerful tools set the industry-standards in graphic applications.  This suites of software are a bunch of highly powerful […]

Ipmex Malaysia 2017

Ipmex 2017 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia There are many amazing engineering feats in the world and nothing is more fascinating than using these products and seeing the results personally. The wonders of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering integrated have allowed the printing industry to achieve greater efficiency and productivity year by year. We will take […]