Fundamentals of Every Exhibitor

How to prepare your outdoor exhibition

Whether you are a multi-national company or a small and medium enterprise, at certain time, your company will most likely be participating in an exhibition show or trade show. In Singapore, every year, there are many exhibitions held in Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre or in Singapore Expo and Convention Centre. Some of these consumer trade shows or exhibitions in Singapore involve the sale of household appliances like televisions, refrigerators, handphones and furnitures. There are also food and travel fairs marketed by a diverse group of vendors.

Trade Shows

After spending weeks or even months of planning for the exhibition, preparing your business products, brochures and pamphlets, the next stage of the exhibition process is the preparation of an eye-catching backdrop and banner stand systems. Many exhibitors utilise the Pop Up Display Stand together with other basic banner stands. The main advantage of the Pop Up display is that it helps visitors to understand easily what are the products available in a simple and convenient manner. Exhibitors may also indicate special promotional items where visitors can get more value for their products. As there are many competitors in the exhibition centre, the competition is tough. In order to increase the sales of your products, it will be helpful if you have put up some large and eye catching display systems. In short, it will help the visitors find your products easily and also attract the visitors to your kiosks. You can expect more visitors attention, increased product enquiries and more sales in your products.

How to avoid common exhibition pitfalls

Participating an exhibition show can be a troublesome affair. However with proper planning and coordination, the journey to the exhibition show can be a smooth sailing one. Here are some common pitfalls and tips on how to avoid them.

i) Poor planning: The success of the exhibition show depend very much on planning. In every exhibition show, you have to plan your product layout and to present the stocks neatly at the kiosk. Once you have set the products layout right, you will be able to achieve your objectives easily. Going to the exhibition centre without proper planning is likely to cause some setbacks.

ii) Inexperience salesperson. The salesperson manning the kiosk is equally important. He must have good knowledge of the products and be able to explain to the visitor how to operate and use the products. This is because many potential customers may be too busy to read the lengthy product operation manual. If the salesperson is knowledgeable, he will be able to connect with the visitors and sell them the products successfully.

Advantages of the Pop Up Display Stand:

Listed below are some reasons why you might consider purchasing a Pop Up Display Stand for your exhibition booth:

1)  Pop Up Display Stands are light, versatile and easy to set up. It can be transferred from one location to another easily.

2) Pop Up Display Stands are ideal for displaying product’s informations – product brand, prices and many relevant information you required.

3) Special promotion items can also be displayed at the Pop Up Display Stand to capture visitors attention.

4) Pop Up Display Stands are affordable relative to iron and wooden customised backdrop. Reprint of graphics can also be done at a fraction of the original price.

There are many exhibitors in the exhibition centre and it is important to go further to make your exhibition booth stand out from the rest. To attract more visitors to your booth, it is required to add accessories to make an impact on the visitors who are spoilt for choices in a crowded exhibition centre. Adding a audio visual element like video is advisable. Using media on your kiosk creates an interactive environment, help to attract the visitors to you and thus connect the visitors to your products. One way to present the media to your kiosk is by using a mobile TV or a simple monitor stand. The two important things at your exhibition kiosk involve two main areas – attracting visitors to your booth and connecting with them once they are in. If you focus these two areas correctly, you can be rewarded with increased business sales.

Foldable Brochure Stand Singapore

A foldable brochure stand is essential to organise your brochures or literatures in a neat and professional manner for clients to pick up. Imagine having multiple brochure holders on the reception table, it will occupy a lot of precious space and invested time to reorganise them. It will save you much space and effort with a proper floor standing brochure stand. Some called it the literature rack or zig zag stand, but it all serve the same purpose.

Pop Up Display offers A3 and A4 size floor standing brochure stands for uses in exhibition booths, showrooms, lobbies and office areas. As compared to individual brochure holders, the floor brochure stand has 5-6 compartments, a height of 1.4m to 1.6m (depending on which models you are looking at) and once folded it can be compacted to an estimated height of 20 cm.

Brochure Stand height

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Pop Up Display Trolley Counter

Many clients have asked:

  1. How is the Pop Up Display Stand, with their magnetic panels and display rack stored and transported?
  2. What is the difference in size of the square trolley counter and oval shape counter?
  3. How is the trolley able to convert to a counter?

This post is to clarify all doubts that you may have.

As shown in the picture, both square and oval trolley case stand at an estimated height of 950mm. Both of the cases are installed with wheels for easy transportation and are moulded polyethylene products. The hard cases are proven to be hard enough to withstand direct impact. Also, both of them come with locking mechanism which can be locked and unlocked by twisting the lock’s flip.

At the same time, they can be converted into a counter by wrapping a printed graphics (usually with your company logo) around the case. The graphics are wrapped and secured by velcro adhesive tape at the back so as to provide a seamless visual graphic display to both visitors looking from the rear and front.

Lastly, despite being similar in height and different in length, both products are able to store the standard items neatly inside the case. The standard items consist of – magnetic bars, magnetic graphics panels, display system rack and optional items like spot lights and table top.

What are the main differences of both counter?

If you are looking for a trolley case to merely provide storage of your Pop Up Display System, then both cases work fine. But, if you are intending to double up the use of the trolley case as a counter, then the Oval shape case will prove to be a better choice. With a wider width and longer table length of 70mm, the oval shape case is more presentable and professional. Also, there is a handle moulded at the side of the oval shape case for you to tug alongside if you wish. At the same time, it comes with a lightweight and foldable table top that can be use to provide a more classical look.

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