5 Tips in Designing an Effective Pull Up Banner Stand for Marketing

Pop Up Display Stand is the perfect backdrop for trade shows and exhibits when portability and convenience are the primary concerns. More often than not, an exhibitor needs more than just a Pop Up Stand to stand out. As such, any exhibitor secondary marketing weaponry should be the Pull Up Banner Stand aka Roll Up Banner Stand or Retractable Banner Stand if sufficient exhibit spaces permit.

Our company offers a wide range of pull up banners that have been dedicatedly and specially selected to suit all needs ranging from basic one to a one that feature an exotic corporate outlook and even a double sided banner stand. It is called a “pull up” stand because one simply need to extract the banner out from the cartridge system and that is considered done. Upon ending the exhibit, users simply retract the banner back into the cartridge and the banner stand is ready to be hand-carried away.

The mechanism of the stand is simple, and the uses lie beyond just exhibition or trade show. The banner stand can also be used in front of your business or company shop front as a point of sales marketing tool. An important way of getting a more effective marketing is by generating the right impact – getting the design right. For this article, we will discuss 5 tips for designing an effective pull up banner stand:

Tip 1 : Left to Right

How many viewers actually read from the right to left? Your texts will be easier and natural to visiting prospects if you keep all related description from your left side to the right side and at the same time from top to bottom. Keeping your information at the minimum and relevant is also key – do not forget that your sales associate will be around to provide more information from your brochures and flyers if required. The pull up banner stand should be doing more of the attention-seeking job rather and a information-provision one.

Tip 2: Good Quality Image

Nothing turn offs good prospects than a poor resolute image. A good image will tells a thousand words. Exercise creativity yet preserving the resolution of all attached images. Just a rule of thumb, most large format commercial printers can print up to 300 dpi at CMYK mode. If you are selecting an image from the internet, make sure they are good quality ones . Otherwise you can hire a professional photographer to take the image you required using a full frame DSLR. Some sites that provide good quality image includes: www.shutterstock.com , www.bigstockphoto.com and www.vectorstock.com

Tip 3: Appropriate Colour

You do not need professional advice to tell you that the colour you chose is appropriate or not – take a few steps back and try to visualise on your own. Appropriate colour which matches your logo and background can allow you to further stand out.  Whereas inappropriate colour can cause prospects to be confused and disorientated.

Tip 4: Logo and Information Layout

A general rule of thumbs is to keep the logo at the top (right or left), description in the middle and the contact details at the bottom. People usually scan your banner very quickly, and if they do not manage to get hold of your information quickly and naturally enough you might lose their attention. It is also controversial whether to keep your important contact information at the bottom or not, as the bottom part of the banner might be concealed as people walk past – Well, Pop Up Display can only say –  look at your banner stand placement in the exhibit room and determine on your own, which part of the banner is more appropriate to lay out the information so that no messages are lost.

Tip 5: Quality Pull Up Banner Stand

Nothing beats the mood by having a broken stand or a warped graphics during an important exhibition. They are many pull up banner stand in the market and really, what you pay is what you get. They might look very much the same, but the material structure integrity is something only time can tell.

Over at Pop Up Display, our company provides full design service for clients for their pull up banner stand. We carry a large range of banner stand that can cater to different needs. We took pride in providing quality products and in addition, the banner stand graphic material is made of quality synthetic paper which is laminated to provide additional protection.

More of our Pull Up/Roll Up/Retractable Banner Stands can be found here.


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