Foldable Brochure Stand Singapore

A foldable brochure stand is essential to organise your brochures or literatures in a neat and professional manner for clients to pick up. Imagine having multiple brochure holders on the reception table, it will occupy a lot of precious space and invested time to reorganise them. It will save you much space and effort with a proper floor standing brochure stand. Some called it the literature rack or zig zag stand, but it all serve the same purpose.

Pop Up Display offers A3 and A4 size floor standing brochure stands for uses in exhibition booths, showrooms, lobbies and office areas. As compared to individual brochure holders, the floor brochure stand has 5-6 compartments, a height of 1.4m to 1.6m (depending on which models you are looking at) and once folded it can be compacted to an estimated height of 20 cm.

Brochure Stand height

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