How to Win over Prospective Clients at the Trade Show?

A trade shows research conducted shows that 30% of a exhibitor success comes from pre-show planning. Think through exactly what goals you need to focus your efforts. Explore and understand your clients’ and propspect’ needs to the most fundamental level. It the most efficient way to discover your own from there. The planning can kick start with the touchpoints here:

  1. Why prospective clients attend the tradeshow?
  2. Have you send an formal invitation for all potential prospects?
  3. How to turn it to your advantage?
Trade shows strategy

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Success with trade shows and trade fairs is mostly about focusing – focus on your exhibit (layouts and details) and the people you hope to attract and persuade. If you are one of the exhibitors in a gigantic exhibit like the Guang Zhou canton fair, how do you get that buyers to gave you their attention when they can’t possibly evaluate every single products. One thing certain is that, success wont happen if you dont’t focus and plan.

  • Plan the first impression: The most compelling solution to succeed as a exhibitor is to provide the buyer with the mindset that will allow their immediate recognition for acknowledging that your products can really solve their problems. Right product, right prices and the right services.
  • Plan on prospects: It is definitely depressing that there are many similar genres of products in a trade shows. Lets think of the brighter side. How many booksellers can display every single title, how many engineering firms can offer all the hardwares? Focus and plan on bringing your own style, you own products and your own unique services to your prospects. Let them focus on your product as a solution to their problem.
  • Plan on existing customers: Your recurring customers are always easier to sell to than new prospects. Don’t take them for granted. This should be a very important part of your planning. Decide what else your existing customer might need and treat them as the most important prospects that you have.
  • Plan on following up: Despite the fact that prospects with high purchasing power are attending the trade show. Many exhibitors fail to follow up, mainly because of a lack of system to follow up. The lack of system will render the follow up process as irrelevant, waste of time and confusion on who to follow up with. Get the system in place to optimise the entire process and you should see results in no time.
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