What are Pop Up Display Stands?

You have confirmed an exhibition space or about to run a marketing campaign and now left with the exciting task of filling and decorating it up. You have witnessed many who uses the Pop Up Display Stands at exhibitions and trade shows but you pretty much know very little about it. The main aim for this post is let readers understand what exactly is Pop Up Display and everything you need to know that is associated with this beautiful set of product.


Pop Up Display is a familiar name to many trade show exhibitors, whether they are seasoned ones or even those perhaps a little inexperienced at the moment. Beyond the trade shows exhibitors, our products have also been used extensively by marketers to run campaigns and media press events. Our product sets the standard for portable displays and back drop systems. The name resounded heavily in the mind of many as it is a product proven to be effective and reliable since it’s invention. We invite you to read further and even comment about this product as we bring you into the core of today’s exhibit writings.

What is a Pop Up Display Stand?

A Pop Up Display Stand comprises of a scissored aluminium lattice structure that expands into a full banner back drop system that is further reinforced by the use of magnetic bars. The magnetic bars serve to allow the magnetic graphic panels to be attached magnetically to the frame so that a large visual graphics backdrop is seamlessly formed. The display can be set as a double sided or single sided one as the same mechanisms use to set up the front graphics display and be similarly use for the rear. Options to choose from are the standard curve, straight, L-Shape or a customised shape ones.

The size of the aluminium structure, number of magnetic bars and magnetic graphic panels is determined by the size of the stand you have selected. For instance, a single sided 3×3 Pop Up Display will offer you 18 magnetic bars and 5 graphic panels (2 curved and 3 front panels). The size 3×3 refers to the number of squared section (Rows x Columns) and it does not refer to the metric dimensions.

All of the included items are stored and packed neatly into a wheeled trolley case, of which can be easily towed around by hand. The trolley case can be in a canvas form (for the budget conscious) or a PVC hard case form which can be converted into a counter by adding a foldable table top and wrapping a graphic print around the counter. Additional add-ons like Spot Lights can be purchased and store also within the trolley case.

Why use the Pop Up Display Stand?

Many users choose the Pop Up Display because it is easy to set up and tear down. As compared to a wooden or metal stage back drop structure, the time and manpower required is very much lower for a Pop Up Display System. Having the element of modularity, the dimensions of a Pop Up Display System can be further customised beyond the common standard sizes. Also, the graphic stickers can be stripped off and be replaced with a new print – allowing the Pop Up Display Stand to be reused and reused.

In short summary, the advantages of a Pop Up Display Stand includes:

  • Easy and quick to set up and tear down
  • No need for more manpower and multiples storage cases
  • Ultra compact
  • Transportable and portable
  • Fit neatly in to the boot of a small car
  • Cost effective and high return investment
  • Reusability
  • High resolution graphics
  • Illumination with a pair of spotlight
  • Convertible trolley case to professional counter top

It is a must have all-in-one graphics for all marketers and exhibitors – The Best of Both Worlds!

More of our Pop Up Products can be found by clicking this link.

Contact us now with your specific requirements, and we welcome all international orders.


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