Pop Up Display Trolley Counter

Many clients have asked:

  1. How is the Pop Up Display Stand, with their magnetic panels and display rack stored and transported?
  2. What is the difference in size of the square trolley counter and oval shape counter?
  3. How is the trolley able to convert to a counter?

This post is to clarify all doubts that you may have.

As shown in the picture, both square and oval trolley case stand at an estimated height of 950mm. Both of the cases are installed with wheels for easy transportation and are moulded polyethylene products. The hard cases are proven to be hard enough to withstand direct impact. Also, both of them come with locking mechanism which can be locked and unlocked by twisting the lock’s flip.

At the same time, they can be converted into a counter by wrapping a printed graphics (usually with your company logo) around the case. The graphics are wrapped and secured by velcro adhesive tape at the back so as to provide a seamless visual graphic display to both visitors looking from the rear and front.

Lastly, despite being similar in height and different in length, both products are able to store the standard items neatly inside the case. The standard items consist of – magnetic bars, magnetic graphics panels, display system rack and optional items like spot lights and table top.

What are the main differences of both counter?

If you are looking for a trolley case to merely provide storage of your Pop Up Display System, then both cases work fine. But, if you are intending to double up the use of the trolley case as a counter, then the Oval shape case will prove to be a better choice. With a wider width and longer table length of 70mm, the oval shape case is more presentable and professional. Also, there is a handle moulded at the side of the oval shape case for you to tug alongside if you wish. At the same time, it comes with a lightweight and foldable table top that can be use to provide a more classical look.

For more information about our Pop Up products, do visit us at http://www.popupdisplay.com.sg/pop-up-display-stand/



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