Where to get Quality Stock Images, Brushes, Tools and Inspiration for Designers?

Quality Stock Images, Brushes, Tools & Inspiration for Graphic Designers


Free Stock Images

Where do you find Free Quality resources for all your design work? Good things do not comes free, but free things are not always good either. As shown below are a list of both free and paid links for all creative graphic designers to get quality images, brushes, fonts and textures for their design. Check out our Design inspiration links too!

Stock Photos

Not only you can find royalty free images, but also PSD Files, Vectors Files and Video Clips here:

  1. Free Images
  2. Morguefile
  3. Media Militia
  4. FreePixels
  5. PSD Covers
  6. The Dieline
  7. The Shutterstock
  8. Pexels
  9. Pixabay
  10. Unsplash
  11. StockSnap


Adobe designing tools are highly popular in the world and many fonts are created daily by artists. You can check them out in the following links below. Installation is easy – you can install them manually (Double click your font file -> “install fonts”) or simple drag them into your Fonts Folder.

  1. Dafont
  2. LostType
  3. 1001 Fonts
  4. TypeTester
  5. FontDragr

Textures and Patterns

Textures comes in Images Format. To use them, you have got to import them and  place them as a new layer (File-Place-Choose your texture file), please ensure that they are close to your image resolution to ensure you dont’t lose quality when printed.

  1. Lost and Taken
  2. Subtle Patterns


They are usually in .abr format, to install them you have got to unzip them first (from .zip to .abr) then go to Edit-Preset-Preset Manager-and click Load to install them.

  1. Bruch Lovers
  2. Brusheezy


  1. Pinterest
  2. 123 Inspiration
  3. Boredpanda
  4. Dribble
  5. Behance
  6. Creativebloq
  7. 99u
  8. Smashing Magazine
  9. UX Magazine
  10. Digital Arts
  11. Noupe
  12. Visually
  13. Pixel Curse
  14. Demilked


Click here if you want to have the complete glossary of terms and definitions commonly used by graphic designers.

Click here if you want to know more about Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts.



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