What Types of Banner Materials are there?

Before we touch on what are the types of banner materials are there in the market, let us refresh our memory of the types of banners we have especially in Singapore:

Type of Banner
  • Outdoor Advertising Banner: Pull Up/Roll Up Banner, Retail Front Banner, Street Banner, Teardrop Banner, Feather Banner and also the Flying Banner.
  • Indoor Advertising Banner: Pull Up/Roll Up Banner, Backdrop Banner, Table Banner and also the X Banner.

Each of the above stated banner genres has got names used interchangeably and also quite liberally. But as long as you can describe them clearly, you should have no issues getting your banner from any display store.

Coming to the topic of today – what types of materials are the standard banners made of?

a) Fabric / cloth Banner

Using textile is a traditional way of banner display. It is printed using dye sublimation which means the ink penetrates through the media for colour durability, there are also companies who use the inkjet printers for fabric. Fabric banner can offer alot of benefits – cheaper, washable, foldable, light weight and portable. A normal fabric banner weighs about 90 gsm while a PVC material weighs 4 time as much at about 400 gsm and above. However, due to the influx of cheap cloth with inferior quality, many advertising shops have attempted to use them to cut costs. This resulted in fabric banner not lasting as long as it used to in the 1990s, especially if it is placed for extended hours outdoor. But there are also very reliable fabric materials in the market if clients prefer fabric over other materials. Generally, Pop Up Display does not recommend any textile usage for long term outdoor signage – like any piece of shirt one wore, it will get dirty and crease over time.

Fabic Banner

b) Vinyl / PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Banner

Vinyl banner is the most popular banner in today’s world. It is digitally printed by large format printers which are commonly used by many companies nowadays. Do note that your graphic resolution depends very much on the type of printer the print shop used – smaller ink droplets (measured in picoliters) will give higher quality. Vinyl banner is very durable, cost effective and installation is easy too. The material has advanced to one which is tear-resistant and fire retardant nowadays. Many chose vinyl material simply because the plastic glossy feel and realistic colour vibrancy gave them more confidence in their banner. It can be installed to most structures with the usage of poles, ropes and grommets/eyelets. However, do note that that even though there are crease-proof vinyl in the market, but not all print shops use them. Therefore please check your banner material with your print shop before you proceed to fold them (and damage your precious design). A little more information for our readers, standard vinyl banner uses 440 gsm and above material whereas a doubled side vinyl banner will need a material as dense as 740 gsm.

Vinyl Banner

More information about Poster Material can be found here.


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