What Display Can You Use For Your Trade Show?

As an exhibitor, you will have a couple of display options that you can choose for your booth. It is really depending on your preference and creativity. However, if we will to practically access how you should develop your exhibition booth, the following factors (probably in order) should be part of your consideration – exhibitions goals, budgets and manpower.  There are a total of 4 methods which many exhibitors undertake for their trade show:

Method 1: Custom Built Display

In Singapore, there are companies specialising in designing, construction and installing of display. These companies will act as your “agent” in maintaining your display set (inclusive of setting up, tearing down, repairing and providing storage). Your cost of engaging them will depend on your complexities of service required. Do note that this method of custom built displays can cost up to Singapore Dollar $10,000 to $30,000, they are the MOST expensive and might not be feasible in today high mobility trade shows context. In meeting their clients need, many of such companies provide additional services and their rental, transport and storage arms have proven to their secondary successful business model.

Custom made display

Picture from http://dinorentosstudios.com/ad_banner_images/custom_made_Trade_show_Booth_Display_Props.jpg

Method 2:  Hire Rental Companies

When the display racks are a waste to dispose off after one time use. Instead of selling directly to you, some companies have reused these products for rental. Their systems can be rented and customised to meet your needs and can be cost-effective to make good marketing impacts while keeping costs of designing, installing and storing low. But, do your own calculations first, is it worth while to purchase a custom built set and allocate your own manpower to set up, or cheaper to just rent a set and let the rental company do everything you need? The decision will lies on the price the rental company quote you. Like renting a house or a car, you are not paying money for an asset your will own, but a mere temporary possession.

Display Rental

Picture from http://www.xibitsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/AFFORDABLE-TRADE-SHOW-BOOTHS-FROM-XIBIT-SOLUTIONS.png

Method 3: Built a Throw Away Set

Nowadays, exhibition booths are usually 10 feet wide by 10 feet long. Occasionally the sizes might varies. While the above 2 methods might incur high storage and shipments costs when your company travel overseas  for trade shows. Many have resorted to using a “throw away” display set for their trade shows. That is by using complex graphic design but simpler construction. As such, the display set still retains attraction because of proper use of graphics but cheaper cost due to a less complicated and simpler display booth. Your marketing impact really depends on the kind of furnishing and graphics portrayed. Having spend a bomb on your booth doesn’t equate to better marketing results.

Simple trade show display

Picture from https://blog.etsy.com/en/files/2015/06/5piebird.jpg

Method 4: Portable Pop Up Display Stand

For Pop Up Display Stand, it can fit nicely in to a 10 ft by 10 ft booth. It there are more space available, a combination of Pop Up Display products can be used and if not expanded through further modular combinations. Our products are compact and lightweight, as such exhibitors can transport them anywhere they wan to go. It retains all the above method benefits while yet providing a hassle-free and low-costs manner for your to run your exhibition. For our company, our services are extended beyond the shore of Singapore so as to provide as much convenience to you as possible.

You can visit our Pop Up Products here: http://www.popupdisplay.com.sg/pop-up-display-stand/

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